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Shotbuddy™ - 6 Shot Dispenser and Holder

Friends don't let friends get drunk uneven

Having some friends over that like to take shots? Looking to fill up multiple shot glasses at one time? This six shot glass holder and carrier will allow you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite beverage of choice and then carry them, all in one!

Shotbuddy - Get Party Started Faster!

  • Liquor pourer for 6 glasses quickly and equally
  • Eye-catcher at every party, make your shot stage cool and fun
  • Come with practical glass holders, so you can simply lift it up and bring them over to your friends.
  • Dish-washer safe, easy to clean, always save time for you
  • 100% non-toxic silicone material

How it works

  • Simply place one shot glass under each spout
  • There are six spouts and you pour your drink of choice directly into the top of Shotbuddy™.
  • BOOM! You have shots for six almost instantly.
  • Functions as a carrier so just lift it up and bring them over to your friends.

The best way to evenly pour all 6 shots is to

  • Use Shotbuddy™ on a level surface
  • Pour directly to the middle hump 
  • Enjoy your drink

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  • 🚚Fast refund - 100% Money Back Guarantee