Portable Bed & Diaper Bag Backpack

  • #1 Most Innovative Diaper Bag of 2020

  • 15 different compartments for all your needs

  • Easy to carry with thick shoulder straps

  • Neat and fashionable for both Dad and Mom  

  • Water-proof and durable material

"It's just a bomb backpack!!!"

"This award winning 2020 upgraded diaper bag backpack is a must-have for every new parents. Fabric, accessories, quality-Royal!! With the special crib for baby when going out, it more powerful than other models."

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From worrying so much about the postpartum time


One durable bag for all purposes and for years. You will not need other kind of bags.


Take care of your baby 's sleep everywhere with a portable hygienic bed


And spend your valuable time with your angel instead of getting stuck with mom 's stuff


You would love it at once! Being a tidy mom is never easier!

High Capacity

Organize and carry all baby care essentials by using 12+ different separate pockets and compartments.

Thermal Insulation

Composite insulating material and high-density EPE foam allow the bottle temperature to be maintained over time.

Liquid proof

The Oxford fabric is liquid-proof, easily to wipe, durable, and breathable.

Wipe at your fingertips

A side pocket makes super easy and fast to get that baby wipe instantly.

Safe Pocket

Store valuables in the Anti-theft pocket and enjoy worry-free time with your baby.

Stroller Straps

 You will not feel tired at all traveling with this super backpack.

For every new parents

Giving birth is stressful. However, the most intense stress could be from postpartum depression. 

From Team, we hope you can get a good sleep, relieve fears and anxieties about the baby’s health, decrease financial worries or pressures related to going out with your baby simply by using this wonderful Diaper Bag Backpack. We promise, one bag for all your need!


1. Do I need a diaper bag?

If you are going to have a baby soon, it would be a must-have item that should be purchase at once. This diaper bag backpack is a perfect spot to store everything you need for baby in one place when you are out. Even if you are the most minimalist of parents, it's a must-have for toting diapers and wipes, of course, but other necessities like a change of clothes, extra pacifiers, bottles, and a toy or two.

2. Is this Diaper Bag better than the normal one?

The backpack style is much better than traditional diaper bags in terms of function and comfort. With tote or messenger-style diaper bags, all the weight is placed on one side of your body when you carry it.

3. What are the essential features in the Diaper Bag?

The critical feature in the Diaper Bag Backpack is that you can hold it on your back without feeling tired of carrying too many things. On top of that, the Diaper Bag Backpack can be quickly transformed into a changing bed, allowing you to change a baby diaper everywhere. Let 's take a look at other important features of this top-notch backpack diaper bag:

- Comfortable to carry

- Easy to cleanLots of space

- Plenty of pockets for organization

- Long-lasting and durable

- Affordable

- Stylish

- Works for both mom and dad

- Includes a changing pad and insulated pockets

- Is easily convertible into a changing bed

4. How much can this Diaper Bag contain?

The Diaper Bag Backpack n' Changing Bed is big enough to hold the following:

- Diapers – at least 5 Baby wipes

- A change of clothes

- A receiving blanket

- Bottles or a cover up for nursing moms

- Baby formula

- A couple of small toys

- A teething ring

- Pacifiers

- A changing pad

- Diaper rash cream

- A stuffed animal or lovey

- Your necessities – phone, wallet, keys, tablet, lip gloss, etc

- Nursing pads and a spare bra if nursing

5. How do I clean this Diaper Bag?

You only need to wipe any mark or dirt as it is already made of waterproof fabrics which mean it is resistant to milk drop, dirt or stain. To clean the inside of the bag, you can wipe with a cloth with warm water and baby detergent, then air dry. Avoid alcohol-based products on the interior and exterior. We do not recommend the washing machine. Steam or dry cleaners are possible too!

6. Does this bag has enough space for both me and my baby's stuff, or should I carry a purse too?

Do you usually carry a lot of stuff for yourself in a purse or just the minimum? If you are the type of mother who needs her wallet filled with mascara, powder, a water bottle, three flavors of lip gloss, a notebook, six ink pens from the bank, and four containers of cold medicine, carrying a purse and a diaper bag is probably the best. If you only need a purse to keep your phone, wallet, and keys out of your pockets, then use the diaper bag.

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